Fred(Freddie) Almond (Rtg, Feb 64 to Sep 76)

Joined 14th Signal Regt (L of C) Gloucester Feb 64 and worked shifts at ‘The Barrow,’ Boddington (Torn Tape and TARE). Lived in MQ’s Brockworth.

Had a great time....Capt Grant was my shift DSO. Bomb proof and on rockers but everytime it rained.......say no more!!

Left July 67. Couldn’t keep away so returned in Dec 1971 to Worcester to an even more exciting Regt.

Served in Caribbean, Gambia and Turkey, UK Exercises, stole trophies every exercise (memento’s you understand)...Catterick Garrison and Glasgow to name two were not pleased!! Great places, great lads. Also Squadron Admin SNCO and Families SNCO for those on detachment. Left Sep 1976.

Feb 60 to May 60 26 Signal Regiment   Aug 63 to Feb 64 606 Borneo Signal Troop   Sep 68 to Dec 71 20 Armd Bde & Signal Sqn   March 1982 De-Mob
May 60 to Nov 60 23 Signal regiment   Feb 64 to Jul 67 14 Signal Regiment   Dec 71 to Sep 76 14 Signal Regiment      
Dec 60 to Jan 63 16 Signal Regiment   Jul 67 to Apr 68 Bruin Trials   Sep 76 to Aug 81 HQ BAOR      
Jun 63 to Aug 63 10 Signal Regiment   Apr 68 to Sep 68 7 Signal Regiment   Aug 81 to Mar 82 58 Signal Squadron      
FOOD :- Anything Braised....even a dead horse!   Apr 72 to Oct 72 BRITISH HONDURAS  
Drinks :- Real Ale, Whyte and Mackay Glasgow Special   Apr 73 to Apr 73 GAMBIA  
Films :- Touching the Void.   Aug 73 to Oct 73 TURKEY  
Books :- Wilbur Smith, Karen Maitland, EV Thompson   Sep 74 to Oct 74 BOLD GUARD  
Music and Groups :- All less Jazz as I do not understand it!        
Hobbies :-          
Sports :-          
Holiday Locations :-          
Television :- Homeland, Any Scandinavian Series.        
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