Jim Browne (Rtg. Jan-70 to Jul-74) 602 Troop

Signed up at 7 Ridley Place, Newcastle-upon-Tyne on 13th August 1965 and the following month made the long journey to Newton Abbot to join the Junior Leaders Regiment at Denbury.

After 2 years of Education, Military and Trade training I past out as a B3 Radio Opera or. I continued my trade training at 24 Sigs (Catterick 67-68) where for the next 9 months trained as an A3 TG Op.

My first regular Army posting in June 1968 was to Robinswood Bks, Gloucester and 602 Signal Troop. On arriving in Gloucester I continued my trade training at Hanslope Park and Poundon (SC training) and in the December past my A2.

My first detachment with 602 was to Nassau in Feb 69 and during that 12 months, 14 Sigs and 602 moved up to Norton Bks, Worcester.

Sep 65 to Jul 67 JLR Denby   Jul 75 to Aug 76 644 Signal Troop            
Aug 67 to May 68 24 Signal Regiment   15 November 1976 De-Mob            
Jun 68 to Oct 74 602 Signal Troop                  
Oct 74 to Jul 75 30 Signal Regiment                  
FOOD :- Curries and all things Asian   Feb 69 to Feb 70 JRS NASSAU  
Drinks :- G&T, and all 'Real Ales'   May 70 to Aug 70 "P" COMPANY  
Films :- Shawshank Redemption, Gladiator, The last Sumarai   Oct 70 to Jul 71 JKR CYPRUS  
Books :- Spycatcher, Puzzle Palace, The Bog, the Bahamas and Beyond   Aug 74 to Sep 74 MONTE BIANCO  
Music and Groups :- Genesis, Pink Floyd, Chris Rea, Queen, Alan Parsons Project        
Hobbies :-          
Sports :-          
Holiday Locations :-          
Television :- Don't watch much TV but enjoy Richard Attenborough Wildlife documentaries.        
Interesting Facts and Stories

On arriving in Norton Bks in Feb 70, the Troop told me that I was going on a 'Para' course in Aldershot and that I would be on a 3 month Pre-Para course at 216 Sig Sqn commencing in April with the "P" Coy course starting in June.

I spent the next 4 years in Worcester going on various detachments around the world.

I played Football, Basketball and Cricket for 14 Sigs in my time at Gloucester and Worcester. During 1974 I did my A1, Crypto and PoT YoS courses at 8 Signal Regt, Catterick and in the Oct of that year I was posted to 30 Sigs, Blandford which was the start of my downward spiral to civvie street. I volunteered for a 12 month detachment to 644 Sig Tp (UN) in Nicosia with my final 4 months as water ski-ing instructor for the UN in Ayia Napa. I was demob in Nov 1976 from Blandford.