Ricky Cooper (TE Tech. May-75 to Sep-76)

Rick Cooper joined T Troop, 14 Sigs, in May 1975 from Harrogate as a LCPL TE Tech.

On arriving in the Satellite Communications troop he was bewildered to discover that the only things he recognised from his T3 were the two Siemens T100 teleprinters.

Rick could also have been excused for thinking he had secretly been posted to the RAF as T Troop was deployed to RAF Oakhanger within days of his arrival.

This was swiftly followed by a short secondment to RAF Episkopi, a second deployment to Oakhanger, and then a course at RAF Locking.

He returned to 14 Sigs to the news that 2 Squadron was to disband and so it was back to Oakhanger to finally hand over the TSC500s to the RAF.

Sep 72 to Apr75 AAC Harrogate   Dec 78 to Oct 78 28 Signal Regiment   Jul 86 to Oct 89 16 Signal Regiment      
May 75 to Sep 76 14 Signal Regiment   Oct 79 to Jul 80 8 Signal Regiment(T1)   Oct 89 to Dec 91 School of Signals      
Sep 76 to Dec 78 30 Signal Regiment   Jul 80 to Aug 82 8 Inf Bde & Signal Squadron   Jan 92 to Feb 96 CPD(Tempest Team)      
Mar 78 to Jul 78 633 Signal Troop   Feb 85 to Jul 86 641 Signal Troop   February 1996 De-Mob      
FOOD :-          
Drinks :- Red wine. Good whisky. Real beer.        
Films :- The Great Escape. The Usual Suspects. The Magnificent Seven. Bullitt.        
Books :- Bernard Cornwell. Stephen King. Henning Manskell's Kurt Wallender stories        
Music and Groups :- Bruce Springsteen. Phil Collins. Van Morrison. Simply Red. Rolling Stones        
Hobbies :-          
Sports :-          
Holiday Locations :-          
Television :- Dads Army. Porridge. The Royale Family.        
Interesting Facts and Stories
Life settled down when he joined Mike Troop and became the resident T100 and BID 610 maintainer until the closure of Norton Barracks and the move to 30 Sigs at Blandford where he joined E Troop.

Rick also served in 633 Sig Troop, 28 Sigs, 8 Inf Bde, 9 Sigs, 641 Sig Troop (JOC Maastricht), 16 Sigs, School of Sigs, and finally CPD, before leaving the Corps as a Staff Sergeant after 22 years in the belief that he and the army had probably got their money’s worth put of each other.