Sid Davison(Rtg. Jun-75 to Sep-76)E Troop

Joined 14 Sigs in Jun 1975 aged 26 as a Cpl RTg. Whilst there attended a couple of exercises at South Cerney, a maths course at Middle Wallop and a Crypto Course at Catterick.

Also had 6 months tour of Belize were my primary task was to look after the 80ft mast, needless to say the techs looked after the mast so I volunteered to work in the Comcen.

When I arrived the whole Sqn was on leave except for a skeleton staff, the QM who was acting OC immediately gave me 2 weeks leave so I went back to 14 Sigs and stayed there for the fortnight,

Arrived Belize in October 1975 and left in April 1976. Crypto course at Catterick was Jun/Jul 1976 and when I had finished that and returned to 14 Sigs I found out that I was posted to 249 Sig Sqn AMFL at Old Sarum, Salisbury in Aug 1976.

Sep 63 to Jul 67 AAC Harrogate                  
Sep 67 to Apr 70 243 Signal Squadron(FARELF)   Feb 79 to Jul 81 548 Rear Link(50 Missile RA)            
Jun 70 to Jun 75 16 Signal Regiment   Aug 81 to Aug 83 244 Signal Squadron            
Jun 75 to Aug 76 14 Signal Regiment   August 1983 De-Mob            
FOOD :- Steak and Chips   Nov 75 ro May 76 BELIZE  
Drinks :- Guinness/Jack Daniels        
Films :- Indiana Jones/Star Wars/The Patriot        
Books :- Lord of the Rings/Game of Thrones/John Buchan/Dennis Wheatley        
Music and Groups :- Pop/Beatles        
Hobbies :-          
Sports :-          
Holiday Locations :-          
Television :- Morse/Lewis/Game of Thrones        
Interesting Facts and Stories

Whilst I was on this leave I met my ex wife who lived in Bath Road, we were married in 1977, had 2 children, both girls, got divorced in 1989.

I have settled down in Worcester as after I left the Army in 1983 I joined West Mercia Police as civilian support staff working as a controller of traffic police in the Force Control Room at their Headquarters at Hindlip, Worcester,