Ray Dudding(R Tech. 69 to 73) B Troop

Posted to 14 Sigs from 30 Sigs with the D11. Went to 645 Tp and stayed for about 4 years.

Had a fantastic time in Worcester, met my wife and a lot of good mates. Travelled a lot to places like Cyprus, Libya, Jordan, Peurto Rico, Larzac, Anguilla, Singapore and Public Duties just to name a few.

Liked Worcestet so much I named my springer spaniel Wooster.

After 14, went toBAOR, Cyprus, Tidworth, Aldershot, Falklands, and finished up in Banbury.

Now spend a lot of time in NSW Australia

1963 11 Signal Regiment   1968 to 1969 30 Signal Regiment   1977 to 1980 9 Signal Regiment   1985 De-Mob
1963 to 1964 8 Signal Regiment   1969 to 1973 14 Signal Regiment   1980 to 1981 8 Field Force      
1964 to 1965 School of Artillary   1973 to 1974 8 Signal regiment   1981 to 1983 5 Brigade HQ      
1965 to 1968 Federal Army Aden   1974 to 1977 1 Div HQ & Signal Regiment   1983 to 1985 39 Signal Regiment      
FOOD :- Any seafood rare steak indian     CYPRUS  
Drinks :- Red Wine, Red Wine, VB Beer, Whiskey, Mount Gay Rum     LIBYA  
Films :- Any adventure movie, Pirates series     ANGUILLA  
Books :- Edward Rutherford, Ken Follet,     JORDON  
Music and Groups :- Dave Brubeck, The Pedlers, Joe Cocker,Cannonball Adderley, Nancy Wilson Simply Red     SINGAPORE  
Hobbies :-       SAN JUAN  
Sports :-       LARZAC  
Holiday Locations :-       PUBLIC DUTIES  
Television :- Foyles War, The Good Wife, Frost, New Tricks,        
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