Ken Durrant(R Tech.1972 to 1974) E&T Troop

Arrived at Norton Barracks in January 1972 having just completed an 11 month unaccompanied tour of the Far East (19 Signal Regiment). Joined E Troop under FoS Clive Thompson to learn all about the E21. However in February, due to T Troop being short staffed, myself and Keith Gilbert found ourselves on the way to Long Kesh for a the remainder of their detachment until June. On returning to Worcester I remained with T Troop where I had an enjoyable 2 years,

Our role was mainly demonstrating the capability of the mobile satellite station which involved lots of public shows and numerous Signal Views both in UK and BAOR. We also spent time at RAF Oakhanger supporting the RAF while their station was down for maintenance. Our one big overseas exercise was 6 weeks spent supporting the Royal Anglian’s in Kenya in September/October 73. I left 14 Signal Regiment in September 74 to join 259 Signal Squadron in Cyprus.

1963 to 1964 Junior Leaders Tonfanau Wales   1969 to 1972 19 Signal Regt Penang Malaysia   1979 to 1984 HQ 4 Signal Group      
1964 to 1966 8 Signal Regiment   1972 to 1974 14 Signal Regiment   1984 to 1986 31 Signal Regiment      
1966 to 1967 228 Signal Squadron (SHAPE)   1974 to 1977 259 Signal Squadron   1986 De-Mob      
1967 to 1969 SHAPE Casteau Belgium   1977 to 1979 21 Signal Regiment            
FOOD :- Italian   Sep 73 to Sep 73 KENYA  
Drinks :- Beer - Especially Belgian        
Films :- Don’t go to the cinema        
Books :- Jack Reacher novels        
Music and Groups :- Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Mozart and Bach        
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Holiday Locations :-          
Television :- Any travel documentary and any of the NCIS police investigation series        
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