John Gage(ED. Jul-74 to Sep-76) E Troop

Brief outline of my life with 14 Sigs . On arriving at Norton Barracks I joined the elite 1Squadron E troop as a young E. D. Everyone welcomed me and I settled in well.

Being an ulster man this was good , people then had a weird feeling about a paddy being around and amongst them.!! We shortly went to my first exercise with the lads to AMC RAF Cirencester.

One morning, driving back from the exercise.

i encountered a Cpl. S Davidson driving somewhere in his lovely car, I mistook his actions so decided to ram him , !! don't" think he was too happy as he lost the challenge, his car was a write off, thankfully my land rover was unscathed, so no paperwork or extra duties for me..!!

PS..Syd I now drive Class one for a living , look out!! Thanks for the hint that driving was for me ..!! S Birch reminds me of this at every occasion. We did however remain good friends after a short break.

Oct 74 to Dec 74 11 Signal regiment   December 1979 De-Mob            
Dec 74 to Mar 75 8 Signal Regiment                  
Mar 75 to Sep 76 14 Signal Regiment                  
Sep 76 to Dec 79 30 Signal Regiment                  
FOOD :- Mexican, Indian , and a good english breakfast ..fry up !!        
Drinks :- Cider ...thatchers..Westons..a good Irish whiskey !!        
Films :- Action..Adventure , mystery ..Jason Stratham , Denzil Washington , Morgan Freeman        
Books :- Action, mystery,Factual.        
Music and Groups :- Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, Queen ,Paul Micheal Jarre, all music from the 80”s        
Hobbies :-          
Sports :-          
Holiday Locations :-          
Television :- Not much        
Interesting Facts and Stories
I went to many places with 14 Sigs....Dennmark, Virgin islands, Masirah, ( nasty Sgt Major took us for a stroll for a day,the heat was unbearable, he noticed none of this , just kept pushing us on .) Singapore,Cyprus 254 UN......this was a six month detachment ..Did the Dancon March to show the Danes how it was done ..!! Many other places i forget. I became the unit photographer and Maj. Seward got me to do some strange and wonderful stuff . i enjoyed this immensely.

Signal View 1976 ? was to be the highlight of everything..sadly we did not know what was to happen later on . Sadly Norton got the Red letter so we headed off to Blandford..for a short while ..had a PVR pretty dam quck and came back to settle in Worcester with my wife lorraine.