Lew Lawton (RR Tech. Mar-71 to Apr-74) T Troop

Joined 14 Sigs straight from trade Trg as a RR Tech. Was chuffed to be working in SatCom, got off sports days and some parades by being an Army cyclist. Into black music, ran the PRI and my own disco.

After T1 headed to cyprus where remet Ken Durrant, and again in 21 Sigs, FofS course was followed (after a short stint at 30SR) by a great trip to 1ADSR, then 31Sigs (Ken Durrant Again!) Taught FofS at Sch of Sig before ACE HIGH as WO1 in Shetland.

Commisioned to 2 Sig Bde during Gulf War 1, then Hong Kong, Finally DADPTC course and Instr post.

Retired Maj(ToT) in 1999 Went to work on Defence Fixed Telecoms Service (DFTS) for BT meeting all my old mates and selling them stuff.

Now living in Shrivenham, Married, four grown up kids, 5 grandkids, running my own cycling business and volunteering for Macmillan, Sustrans and Local Radio

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Interesting Facts and Stories
I ran the PRI disco, then set up my own The Funky Roadshow, got a Job at Annabelles Night Club where I met and hosted "The Real Thing", Johny Johnson and the Bandwagon and Geno Washington. I now present two weekly radio programs on Swindon 105.5 It Came from Memphis and Motown Magic throught that role I have met and interviwed Mary Wilson of the Supremes, Ray Lewis former Drifter, Jimmy James (of the Vagabonds) and the current Drifters Line Up. MY programs are available online at www.swindon1055.com mondays at 7pm and weds at 3pm. One of the programs is repeated on Saturdays at 5pm and another repeated at 11pm

Not a story but I never found out why, once our beautiful sat com station had been painted tactical cam green from its original strategic cream we were asked to make it shine by cleaning with a mix of oil and diesel. Health and Safety were never heard of in those days.

Why was there two Horn and Trumpets in Worcester? Was it really called the Dive Bar? and could you really grab a granny on Thursday evenings? Can't remember how times I walked back from the Coppertops on a Saturday Night.