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Name Rank
 @14 Sigs
@14 Sigs
DATES Location Membership
Yes Abbott Ronald Maj.2   OC Sqn         Salisbury MEMBER
yes Addey Dennis     RTG   Jan-74 To Jul-76 Cheltenham MEMBER
Yes Allard Darrell Sgt   R Tech   Jan-68 To Jul-75 Uckfield MEMBER
Yes Allison Hugh L.Cpl.   R Tech   Mar-74 To Sep-76 Durham MEMBER
Yes Almond Frederick Sgt   DTG   Feb-64 To Sep-76 Northamptonshire MEMBER
Yes Belcher Ron     TE TECH   Jul-68 To Jul-75 Worcester MEMBER
Yes Bethune Mick     ED   Jan-75 To Sep-76   MEMBER
Yes Bevis Martin     RR Tech   Jan-69 To Jan 72&76 Derby MEMBER
Yes Bevis Steve     TE Tech   Apr-71 To May-75   MEMBER
Yes Birch Stephen Cpl   TE Tech   Sep-73 To Sep-76 Worcestershire MEMBER
Yes Birney Michael Sgt   R Tech         Workington MEMBER
Yes Brandt Harry     RTG   Jan-75 To Sep-76 newcastle MEMBER
Yes Browne Jim     RTG   Jan-70 To Jul-74 Gloucestershire MEMBER
Yes Brydon Ian Cpl   TE Tech   Jun-73 To Sep-76 West Midlands MEMBER
Yes Caddy Peter     ED           MEMBER
Yes Casburn Bruce Cpl   R Tech   Jun-67 To Jun-72 Moray MEMBER
Yes Cassling Richard     RTG YofS Jan-70 To Jun-72 Worcester MEMBER
Yes Cawte Michael     R Tech         WORCSTER MEMBER
Yes Cooper Richard     TE Tech   May-75 To Sep-76 Newport MEMBER
Yes Cull Philip     R Tech   Sep-73 To Sep-76 Worcestershire MEMBER
Yes Davison Sidney     RTG   Jun-74 To Aug-76 Worcester MEMBER
Yes Denning David     RTG   Aug-68 To Aug-76 Norfolk MEMBER
Yes Dickenson Ray     R Tech   May-74 To Sep-76 Powys MEMBER
Yes Dunderdale-Jones Jenny     RR Tech   Jan-71 To Sep-74 Worcestershire MEMBER
Yes Durrant Kenneth     R Tech   Jan-72 To Jul-74 Solihul MEMBER
Yes Ellis Paul     ED   Sep-73 To Sep-76 Shrewsbury MEMBER
Yes Etheridge Brian     RR Tech   Mar-73 To Mar-76 Porthmadog MEMBER
Yes Evans Owen     RTG   Feb-71 To Apr-74 Dorset MEMBER
Yes Fountain David         Jan-71 To Jul-76 Newbury MEMBER
Yes Gage John     ED   Jul-74 To Sep-76 Worcestershire MEMBER
Yes Gaunt Nicholas     R Tech         Aukland MEMBER
Yes Gray Peter     R Tech   Jan-68 To Jul-71 Fife MEMBER
Yes Gunson Richard     R Tech         Hereford MEMBER
yes Heaps Colin Captain   Tfc Officer   Jan-69 To Sep-75 Worcs MEMBER
Yes Homewood Charles E SSM   Sqn. SSM   May-71 To Nov-73 Essex MEMBER
Yes Hossell Graeme     R Tech   Dec-75 To Sep-76 Stranraer MEMBER
Yes Hudson David     RTG   Jan-73 To Jul-75 Kempsey MEMBER
Yes Hunter William     RTG   Jan-69 To Jan-74 Huddersfield MEMBER
yes Jarret Jerry                 MEMBER
Yes Johnson Nigel     TE Tech   Feb-76 To Oct-76 Little Horwood MEMBER
yes Jones Mark     R Tech   Jan-74 To Sep-76 Northamptonshire MEMBER
Yes Kent Stephen     RTG   Jan-72 To Jul-74 Leicestershire MEMBER
Yes Kenworthy-Jones Keith     RTG   Dec-71 To Jul-76 Conwy MEMBER
Yes Lawton Lew     R Tech   Mar-71 To Apr-74 OXON MEMBER
Yes Lovatt Alexander Captain   Tp O.C.   Jan-73 To Jan-75 Oxfordshire MEMBER
Yes Lund John     DTG   Jan-73 To Sep-76 Worcester MEMBER
Yes Mable Jan Mrs   Wife   Sep-71 To Feb-75 Wolverhampton MEMBER
Yes Mable Orph Cpl WOI TE Tech   Sep-71 To Feb-75 Wolverhampton MEMBER
Yes Manning Kerry     TE Tech   Sep-70 To Jul-74 Sussex MEMBER
Yes Marland David     ED   Jul-69 To Oct-73 Worcester MEMBER
Yes Matheson David     ED         Worcester MEMBER
yes McMillan James     ED   Mar-71 To Mar-74   MEMBER
Yes Mugford John Cpl WOI TE Tech   Jan-72 To Sep-75 Dorset MEMBER
Yes Perrett Thomas CPL   TE Tech   Jan-73 To Jul-76 Birmingham MEMBER
Yes Phillips John Sig Captain TE Tech   Jun-71 To May-76 Worcestershire MEMBER
Yes Pickering Eric     R Tech   Jan-68 To Jul-74 Worcestershire MEMBER
Yes Plenderleith Ian Cpl SSgt TE Tech   Jan-72 To Jul-75 Solihull MEMBER
Yes Pollard Nigel     RTG   Jan-73 To Dec-75 West Midlands MEMBER
Yes Poole Christine Miss   Daughter   Jan-72 To Sep-76 Cumbria MEMBER
Yes Poole Kathleen Mrs.   Wife   Jan-72 To Sep-76 Cumbria MEMBER
yes Rix Les Cpl Maj RTg Tfc Officer         MEMBER
Yes Rodgers Frank Sgt   R Tech   Dec-69 To Apr-76 Newbury MEMBER
Yes Rothwell Ian     RR Tech   Jan-69 To Jan-72 Warwickshire MEMBER
Yes Scott David Sgt   R Tech   May-67 To Jun-73 Birmingham MEMBER
Yes Seward Anthony Maj.   Sqn O.C.           MEMBER
Yes Sharp Tom Cpl   R Tech   May-71 To May-73 Telford MEMBER
yes Smith Arthur     RR Tech   Jan-68 To Jun-72 Winslow MEMBER
Yes Sobers Colin Sgt   R Tech   Sep-73 To Feb-77 Worcester MEMBER
Yes Sweetman James Captain   TP O,C.   Jan-71 To May-73 Malvern MEMBER
Yes Tankard David     R Tech         West Yorkshire MEMBER
Yes Taylor Michael         Jan-71 To Jul-75 Bucks MEMBER
Yes Temmen Bernard     ED   Jul-75 To Sep-76 lancs MEMBER
Yes Thomas Richard     R Tech   Jun-67 To Aug-76 Leicester MEMBER
Yes Towns Peter     R Tech   Oct-66 To Sep-76 Kettering MEMBER
Yes Toye Philip     Clerk Tech   Jan-72 To Jul-74 Middlesex MEMBER
Yes Treverton Roger     Rtg           MEMBER
yes White Nigel     ED   Aug-74 To Aug-76 Dorset MEMBER
Yes Whitehead Chris     RTG   Jan-70 To Sep-74 Fareham MEMBER
Yes Williams Vilma(FUB) Mrs   Wife           MEMBER
TBD                   MEMBER
TBC Barsby Keith (Dudley)     ED         Llanbydder, Swansea MEMBER
TBC Bryan Phil                 MEMBER
TBC Chadwick Derek         May-75 To Sep-76 Derby MEMBER
TBC Cook  William     R Tech   Jun-69 To Jun-72 North Yorkshire MEMBER
TBC Cuckow Peter     Clerk           MEMBER
TBC Dodsworth John     RR Tech   Nov-74 To Jul-76 Grimsby MEMBER
TBC Goode  Robert Cpl   Rtg   Sep-71 To Sep-74 Burton Latimer MEMBER
TBC Gould Anthony     FofS         Malborough MEMBER
TBC Hales Michael Lt. Col.   C.O.         Wimbourne MEMBER
TBC Hobley John     R Tech           MEMBER
TBC Hughes John     TE Tech   Jan-74 To Sep-76 Middlesborough MEMBER
TBC Jackson Joe     FofS   Jan-74 To Jul-76 Worcester MEMBER
TBC Jowsey Martin                 MEMBER
TBC McEvoy Michael     RTG         Dorset MEMBER
TBC Moir Andrew Mr.   Son           MEMBER
TBC Morris Roy     FofS   Sep-71 To Feb-74 Salisbury MEMBER
TBC Napier Caroline                 MEMBER
TBC O'Hagan James                 MEMBER
TBC Smiley Jim                 MEMBER
TBC Waring Mike     Rtg           MEMBER
tbc Webb Martin                 MEMBER
TBC West Richard         Jan-68 To Jul-71 Gloucestershire MEMBER
TBC Whitemore Philip               Salisbury MEMBER
TBC Williams Jim     ED           MEMBER
TBC Wright Steve                 MEMBER
TBC Youd Paul Mr.   Nephew         Hampshire MEMBER
NZ                   MEMBER
No Ackers Desmond     S/Sgt   Jan-73 To Jul-76 Plymouth MEMBER
No Bainbridge John     R Tech   Sep-72 To Aug-76 Rotherham MEMBER
No Black David     RTG   Jan-73 To Jul-75 BC, Canada MEMBER
No Boorman Mike                 MEMBER
No Botfish Robert     R Tech         Worcester MEMBER
No Bradley Peter     ED           MEMBER
No Brock Michael Maj.   Sqn O.C.         Guernsey MEMBER
No Buckley Damien               Bournemouth MEMBER
No Busby Michael     ED   Jan-72 To Sep-74 Lancashire MEMBER
no Cresswell Jan Mrs.   Daughter           MEMBER
No Dudding Ray     R Tech           MEMBER
No Farquhar Maurice     R Tech   Jan-69 To Jul-73 Edinburgh MEMBER
No Finn Jack     DTG   Jan-71 To Jul-74 Worcester MEMBER
No Firth Stephen     RTG   Sep-70 To Sep-75 Queensland, Australia MEMBER
No Freeman-Pannett Stephen     ED         Norfolk MEMBER
No German Terry         Jan-73 To Aug-76 Portugal MEMBER
NO Hamilton Peters Nicholas     ED   Jun-72 To Aug-74 West Lothian MEMBER
NO Leggate James     TE Tech           MEMBER
No Mugford Carmen Miss   Daughter           MEMBER
No Pennington David RTG   RTG   Jul-69 To Jul-74 Stratford on Avon MEMBER
No Peters Brian WOII   RQMS   Jul-71 To Jul-75 Worcestershire MEMBER
No Plews Peter     ED   Jan-71 To Jul-75 Co. Durham MEMBER
NO Poole Martin Cpl Sgt TE Tech   Jan-69 To Jul-74 Worcestershire MEMBER
No Robinson Colin     RR Tech           MEMBER
No Standley Roger     Rtg.   Mar-69 To Aug-70 Philippines MEMBER
no Watts Pete     ED         Ledbury MEMBER
No Webb Christopher     TE Tech   Jul-71 To Aug-76   MEMBER
No Woffenden Dave     R Tech           MEMBER