Rupert Lund (Rtg. Jan-73 to Sep-76)

Born at an early age (1941) in Bradford. Educated (?) at Bradford Grammar then apprenticeship as a Patternmaker (Iron foundry, not wool) at a company called English Electric until 1963 when there was a slump and I was made redundant.

Joined Royal Signals in Dec 1963 and after a stint at Catterick, went to 257 Sig Sqn at Dortmund with HQ 1 Arty Bde.  Posted in 1966 to HQ FARELF (237 Sig Sqn) helping the Yanks run Vietnam.

 In 1968 was posted to 4 Div Sig Regt in Herford, BAOR. And after that it was down the road to Krefeld in 1971, but to 28 Sig Regt (NATO).

After working with the Belgians it was a posting to the UK and 14 Sigs. In 1974. First time in UK since 1966 and first chance to buy a house. Came back from Belize and the Regt had disappeared, so down to 30 Sigs and left the Army in 1977.  

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Various jobs selling wines or herbs and spices, but ended up working on the communications side of the  traffic police at West Mercia Constabulary.  Retired in 2004 and now been married 50 years to Janet. We have 1 son who lives in Cheshire with his wife and 2 sons.  

Hobbies include travel to the Far East, gardening and the stock market.