Dennis "Orph" Mable(TE Tech. Aug-71 to Feb-75) E Troop

Orph, joined fresh from AAC Harrogate, and was joined by Jan on their marriage in February 1972.

They saw little of each other for their first 12 months as Orph was away in Acension Island, 6 weeks in RAF Locking on an EDC Course, followed by the Solomon Islands and Belize. This was life in 14 Signal Regt.

Now living, still together, in Wolverhampton, their two children having both married and flown the coup.


Sep 68 to Jul 71 AAC Harrogate   Oct 77 to Jul 79 1 Armd Div HQ & Signal Regt   Nov 89 to Oct 90 Comms Projects Division      
Jul 71 to Feb 75 14 Signal Regiment   Jul 79 to Aug 82 School of Signals   Oct 90 to Jul 91 Project CRRISP(Cyprus)      
Feb 75 to Sep 75 8 Signal Regiment   Aug 82 to Nov 87 4 Armd Div HQ & Signal Regt   Jul 91 to Jan 92 Comms Projects Division      
Sep 75 to Oct 77 UK Shape Support   Nov 87 to Nov 89 Royal Australian Signals   January 1992 De-Mob      
FOOD :- Most Chinese & Indian food (not too hot!)   Oct 71 to Nov 71 KOREA  
Drinks :- Real Ale, Red Wine, Brandy   Mar 72 to Apr 72 ACSENSION  
Films :- Flight of the Navigator, Never Ending Story   Sep 72 to Oct 72 SOLOMON ISLANDS  
Books & Authors:- Lee Childs, Kathy Reichs, Ian Rankin   Octe 72 to Feb 73 BELIZE  
Music and Groups :- Motown, Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Fairport Convention   Mar 73 to Apr 73 GAMBIA  
Hobbies :-     Oct 73 to Oct 73 TURKEY  
Sports :-     Sep 74 to Sep 74 BOOSTEDT  
Holiday Locations :-     May 73 to May 73 KEEVIL  
Television :- Morse, Rumpole of the Bailey   Jul 73 to Jul 73 KEEVIL  
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