Your Profile is meant to be fun and informative. It provides other members with

  • A description of your life in The Royal Signas and expecially 14 Signal Regiment, letting them know what you are presently up to.
  • A fun list of your favourite food, beer and funtime
  • A list of Exercises you went on with 14 Signal Regiment
  • A Chronological list of your career postings
  • Funny stories or anything you wanted to share with the members
  • Interesting Images revive those grey cells by pictures of past memories

There are 4 Forms available for you to Submit or Update your Profile(at any time)

  • Introduction Form - Provide your basic information, Name, Trade(Rtg. TE Tech.), Posting Dates(ie Oct-73) and Contact Information
  • Favourites and Exercises - You Favourite Food, Films, Books etc. Exercises you wnet on and dates(ie Oct-73)
  • Service History - Chronological list of postings with dates (ie 8 Signal Regiment Apr-67 to May-68)
  • Despatches - Funny or interesting Stories