John Phillips (TE Tech. May-71 to Jun-76)

Joined from 7 Signal Regt, whilst E troop were away in Kenya, had nothing to do for 3 weeks. Settled into life at Norton Barracks, played rugby for Worcester, 6 month detachment to Belize, 6 month detachment to Shoeburyness, with majpr exercises in The Solomons and Larzac in France

Was a member of the first ever Royal Signals Royal Guard having flown back early from Larzac for "military" training.

Then went on his T1 as the first ever signalman to start a T1, successfully passed the course and returned to Worcester in 1975.

John then proceeded to go all the way and ended his career as TOT at 241 Signal Sqadron

John met and married a local girl, Suzanne, and has now retired, living in Worcester with his wife and 3 children

Feb 67 to Apr 67 11 Signal Regiment   Feb 74 to Nov 74 8 Signal Regiment   Dec 79 to Apr 83 21 Signal Regiment   May 88 to May 90 28 Signal regiment
Apr 67 to may 68 8 Signal Regiment   Nov 74 to may 76 14 Signal regiment   Apr 83 to Oct 83 2 Div HQ & Signal regiment   May 90 to Jun 92 259 Signal Squadron
May 68 to May 71 7 Signal regiment   May 76 to Apr 78 1 Div HQ & Signal Regiment   Oct 83 to Aug 85 38 Signal Regiment   Jun 92 to Apr 94 241 Signal Squadron
May 71 to Feb 74 14 Signal Regiment   Apr 78 to Dec 79 School of Signals   Aug 85 to May 88 215 Signal Squadron   April 1994 De-Mob
FOOD :- Good old English Roast Beef with all the trimmings   Apr 72 to Jun 72 LARZAC  
Drinks :- Peronni, Amstel, Blue Nun   Apr 73 to Oct 73 BELIZE  
Films :- Lord of the Rings, Gladiator, Star Wars   May 75 to Jul 75 SOLOMONS  
Books & Authors:- Lord of the Rings, any David Baldacci or Dennis Wheatley        
Music and Groups :- Deep Purple, Led Zepplin, The Doors, Michael Jackson        
Hobbies :-          
Sports :-          
Holiday Locations :-          
Television :- Walking Dead, Game of Thrones        
Interesting Facts and Stories
Some weeks previously I had quite badly cut around my eye whilst playing rugby up at Telford a game we won but I ended up with 15 stitches to the side of my face. We now had a game against one of the local police forces, all was going well until once again I got my head in the wrong place and opened up the cut on my face.

Imediately the rugby Officer Maj. Botteril, ran on and said we need to get him to hospital fast as there was lots of blood around my eye socket. So off he took me still in rugby strip with a towel to stop the blood, he raced through Worcester with his horn going. We got to the hospital and he started to shout for help and the nurses refused to treat me. He then shouted for a doctor, he was getting quite animated by this time. The doctor arrived and once again refused to treat me.

He demanded to know why, Because said the doctor this is not the A&E you have brought him to the Maternity Hospital. Needless to say we moved away quickly.